Contributed to cult Macbook satire – now “Giggle” is gone

Juan Joya Borja, also known as “El Risitas” – roughly “Fnittret” in Swedish – has passed away at the age of 65 after a period of illness. It reports several media, among others Vice. You probably recognize him for his extremely odd and contagious laughter in the many different (deliberately) mistranslated parody clips that have gone viral on Youtube and are used, among other things, to ironize things.

One of the more popular parodies arose when Apple launched a new Macbook Pro in the spring of 2015. In the Youtube clip “El Risitas” recounts a fictional conversation with Tim Cook and points out several of the controversial design choices made that year. The webcam, the number of ports and the battery are some of the jokes in the video that can make even the most stubborn Mac fanatic smile.

The Macbook Pro clip is currently up to over 8 million views. The original interview is in fact from a Spanish talk show in 2007 and is about when Borja once did away with himself as a restaurant worker. In addition to countless joke clips, Borja has also been used extensively for fun in image format, and not least as a reaction emoji on streaming services such as Twitch.

A beloved Youtube icon has thus passed away, and we at MacWorld honor “El Risita’s” memory by watching the Macbook Pro parody once again.