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‘Control’ writer Anna Megill promoted to narrative lead on ‘Fable’ reboot

‘Control’ writer Anna Megill promoted to narrative lead on ‘Fable’ reboot

The next Fable game, unofficially dubbed Fable 4 by fans online, has a new narrative lead in charge of its story, and they have a wealth of experience across a variety of games.

Anna Megill joined Playground Games in February 2021 as a lead writer on the new Fable instalment, according to her Twitter and LinkedIn pages, but this week announced that she had been promoted into the role of narrative lead.

Megill took to Twitter to announce the “exciting news” regarding the promotion and fans responded in kind with many offerings of congratulations. One fan mentioned to Megill that, “I thought you already were” with Megill responding that “That’s because I was lead writer. Narrative encompasses more than writing.”

The world premiere trailer from 2020 doesn’t show too much of the game but does suggest that it is set prior to the later entries in the series, as the industrial revolution that is prevalent throughout Fable 3 is notably absent. This means Megill could get to flex her medieval fantasy writing skills in her new role, with the trailer showing a sword, fairies and overgrown toadstools in keeping with the theme.

She isn’t the only notable new figure to be working on the Fable reboot though, as Pawel Kapala, who has previously worked on Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher joined the game’s combat design team as principal gameplay designer back in August 2021.

The upcoming Fable game was announced by Microsoft back in 2020, but as of now we have limited information.