Controversial video site Liveleak has been shut down

For 15 years, Liveleak has been a video site that has allowed the publication of violent videos that more conventional video sites have not allowed. Over the years, the site has become a recurring part of the internet culture defined by its controversial content.

Among other things, Liveleak got a lot of attention in 2014 when it allowed a video that showed how the terrorist group IS beheaded the American journalist James Foley. Liveleak said afterwards that they would no longer allow beheading videos of IS.

Liveleak has now been shut down, reports The Verge.

The site’s URL leads instead wants the video site Itemfix which explicitly does not allow users to upload violent media.

In a blog post on Itemfix, Liveleaks founder Hayden Hewitt writes that every thing has its time and that “the world has changed a lot in recent years and the internet with it and us as humans.”

He writes that Itemfix is ​​something completely different from Liveleak and looks forward to working with the site at the same time as he understands that many will be upset by the decision. In a video on Hayden Hewitt’s Youtube channel, Trigger Warning, he says that over time it became a struggle to keep Liveleak going and that he and the team did not have the strength to continue fighting.

Hayden Hewitt does not go into any details regarding why Liveleak has been shut down, but notes that:

“Everything is different now, everything goes on … I do not like it. I liked it much better when it was the Wild West.”

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