Cooler Master and Intel produce impressive processor coolers

Cooler Master is already known for having different solutions to cool down the processor, now it’s time for some new technology and impressive cooling.

There are a few different ways to cool down your processor and now maybe there is another way and maybe the best solution. Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero has been developed by Cooler Master together with Intel and they call the technology Cryo Cooling Technology.

At first it looks like a water cooler but the technology that hides under the shell differs a bit, here we find a cooling plate that is placed on top of the processor has a surface of 52 x 52 mm and is a peltier element.

Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero

This peltier element in turn allows direct current to flow through various metals and semiconductors which in turn gives a thermoeletric reaction and in turn cools on one side. The cooling capacity is so good that you can get below zero degrees Celsius, which can make the processor really cool efficiently and for a long time.

The problem, however, is that on the other hand, enormous heat development is created and that is probably where the problem is and the heat you want to get rid of in the best way.

But to be able to use this technology, a lot of power is also required, the power consumption for only the radiator is 200 W so there are its disadvantages as well.

Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero

Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero comes with a radiator of 360 mm and three 120 mm fans mounted, all for the best possible heat dissipation. Right now it is only possible to mount this cooler on base LGA 1200, but may probably come to more processors in the future.

Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero will go on sale at the end of November and the price tag is just under SEK 4,000.

Masterliquid ML360 Sub-Zero