Craig Federighi: That’s why sideloading is a threat to iOS

With the EU’s bill on digital markets risking forcing Apple to open iOS for installing apps outside the App Store, Apple has started sweating and started the PR machinery.

Most recently in this venture, it is Craig Federighi, Apple’s Software Director, who has given a speech at the Web Summit 2021 conference in Lisbon, reports The Verge. In his speech, Craig Federighi warned of the consequences of opening iOS.

– Side charge is a cybercriminal’s best friend and to demand it on Iphone would lead to a gold rush in the malware industry.

The Apple chief used children and the elderly who are not so good at technology as an argument for continuing to allow iOS locking in the App Store. Strangely enough, he did not mention anything about the many scams that have been discovered on the App Store in recent months where users have been cheated of millions of kronor on meaningless and shamelessly priced subscriptions.

Craig Federighi also warned that “certain social media apps” may choose to distribute only outside the App Store, thereby circumventing Apple’s tougher privacy policies.

Here, too, he left something out – the majority of the privacy protections in iOS are in the software and can also apply to apps that come from other sources. If you are currently installing an app via an enterprise profile, the app must still ask for permission to, for example, access the contact list or the camera.