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Creative Assembly is having a laugh with new zero-G FPS, Hyenas

Creative Assembly is having a laugh with new zero-G FPS, Hyenas

The next game from Alien Isolation developer Creative Assembly has been revealed at last, and playful team-based zero-gravity FPS Hyenas couldn’t be much more of a change of pace and tone from the horror classic.

Hyenas is a new team-based shooter featuring zero-G battles in which you and your squad attempt to steal priceless vintage merch from the rich folks on Mars, and it’s coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One some time in 2023. Check out the cinematic reveal trailer below.

Hyenas Xbox reveal trailer

Alpha sign-ups are already live over on the official site, which also sheds a little more light on some aspects of the game. As the Sonic cameo in the trailer suggested, some of the retro loot you’ll be fighting over will be pulled from the Sega archives — a piece of concept art on the site also shows a model of Super Monkey Ball’s AiAi, so this will most likely be loaded with similar nods to Sega’s storied history. I can tell you right now, if there’s a Dreamcast or a Big the Cat figure up for grabs, anyone thinking about pinching them from under my nose had better watch out.

The description on IGN’s reveal trailer explains a little more about how Hyenas will work, too. “Hyenas pits five teams of three against each other and the environment to engage, evade, exploit, and steal their way to victory,” it tells us, suggesting that the generic soldiers seen in the trailer are likely an AI force protecting to goodies from the five looting posses looking to score some now-apparently-very-valuable retro tat.

What’s your take on Hyenas so far? A little different from Alien Isolation, right? Hit up the comments with what you want to see from the game, including what classic Sega