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Why live in the present when you can live in the present and the future and the past – at the same time?

A barely teenage I fell head over heels for the pictures of Secret of Mana and Super Power. The price tag, 899 at Lekhörnan in Alingsås, made mother confirm: “I am not made of money”. Still, she paid, for she may not have been made of money but of love. Sorry, Mom. And thanks.

That’s how I discovered the Japanese role-playing games, the genre that for a few years was really “mine”. It may not be the same anymore, but I will always have a special place in my heart Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Suikoden and the others.

I’m not alone in that. Cris Tales is a love letter to the jrpg genre, but is neither Japanese (it’s Colombian) nor backward-looking. Or now I must have lied. Yes please, Cris Tales striving backwards. And forwards. And dare to be here and now. At the same time. Time travel in games (and jrpg) is nothing new, but to my knowledge, holding everything on one screen has never been done before. Uspen is not abysmal but beautifully unique.

Today, yesterday and tomorrow

Every new kingdom you come to has its own special headache, and the cure is always about looking both forwards and backwards. In Saint Clarity we see how the city takes shape on the left. In the middle (that is: now) we are forced to parry the sewage that is constantly rushing forward on the street. And in the future? There, the city’s poor areas are completely below the surface. By making decisions, following the main story and even pulling the strings, you can change tomorrow. In both large and small. It’s awesome.

Not all choices are obvious and the future is not always bright for everyone.

It is noticeable that the brains behind Cris Tales fly idea love it. That they played with it, pulled it in all possible (and impossible) directions. It flows freely through the game and now it’s my turn to pick it up. To take a risk, to dare to take a chance. Crisbell is a newly saved time magician who travels through the world in search of himself, but where it quickly becomes clear that the (time) journey is more beautiful than the goal.

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What is it?

Jrpg (though not Japanese) that lets you play with time.


Dreams Uncorporated, Syck




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Approximate price

400: –


12 years

Tested on

Pc (Intel Core i7-7700, Gefore GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM)

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Seeing the present at the same time as you can look back AND forward is special.