Customers are complaining about the return process for the Apple Watch with the Solo Loop bracelet

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE were launched together with two new bracelets, sololoop and braided sololoop (or Solo Loop as they are called in English). They lack an opening mechanism and instead come in nine sizes so you can find one that fits your wrist.

Macrumors now reports that customers who have ordered one of the new watches with one of these bracelets and got the wrong size have a dilemma: Apple’s online store does not allow repurchases or replacements of just the bracelet, so to get a bracelet in a different size you must send it back whole watch and order a new one.

It is of course a waste of resources as Apple can no longer sell the watch as new and the watch must be sent back and forth. Now that the watches are new, it is also very annoying for customers who have to wait several weeks for a new watch.

Some readers tell Macrumors that they have managed to get the bracelets exchanged in an Apple store instead, but these are not available in all locations and forcing customers to go to stores during the ongoing pandemic is not helping to reduce the spread of infection (not to mention additional unnecessary environmental impact).

Early reports indicate that many prefer a rather tight fit, especially on braided sololoop that is more stretchy. The watch has to be set quite a lot for the pulse oximeter in Series 6 to be able to measure the oxygenation in the blood.