Cyberpunk 2077 has already sold 13 million copies

Cyberpunk 2077– the launch has succeeded with the fascinating feat of being both a huge success and a disaster at the same time. Now, however, comes a news that CD Projekt’s tallest hens will at least be able to enjoy.

While CD Projekt handles most reports of bugs, potential prosecutions, internal criticism of hypocrisy, broken savings files, and having been temporarily banned by Sony, the news will be that the game will at least sell like hot cakes.

According to a report from the company itself, the game has already managed to sell 13 million copies across all platforms. However, it should be said that this includes items that have been repaid, so the actual sales figure may take a while.

It is nevertheless an incredible financial success CD Projekt has to do with. Always something to comfort yourself with when it’s time for the next yellow excuse.