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Cyberpunk 2077 is both cyber and punk, and lives in his best moments up to the high expectations.

Blade Runner was probably too optimistic in its vision for the future. At least in its almost restrained image of commercialism. Los Angeles 2019 is a depressing place, but at the same time very aesthetically pleasing. Cyberpunk 2077 is certainly also damn beautiful in many ways, but does not shy away from wallowing in a tastelessness at first feels like scattered, but over time increasingly logical.

Night City has a distinct, sad beauty in the midst of all the filth. It gives me goosebumps to look down into a dirty, rainy alley and see the alluring neon lights twinkling in the dark. Or to look out from a footbridge, and see the impressive architecture of the almighty corporate skyscrapers. Even the run-down old factories have a remarkable kind of beauty – from a distance. But when I stand there and look out over this well-designed spectacle, I am greeted by a happy face. A wide smiling man, who lacks several teeth, looks straight up into a big ass. It’s so ugly, so tasteless and so incredibly logical.

In a world where people, both bodies and minds, have become pure commodities, it is reflected everywhere. In people’s attitudes, in advertising, in the entertainment industry. IN Cyberpunk 2077 The big companies’, so-called “corps”, view of us as wear and tear has become our view of ourselves – something that is sold around the clock with the ever-present advertising. It is one of the most interesting pieces in the CD Project Red’s long awaited role-playing game. The characters you meet on the street usually hate companies and their fullness of power, but they know no other reality than this, and have nevertheless internalized much of the human view that permeates the society that shaped them.

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What is it?

The long-awaited role-playing game based on the paper and pencil game of the same name.


CD Projekt Red


CD Projekt Red


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