Darius Cozmic Collection Double Review | interspersed

As Konami has Gradius and SEGA (via Technosoft) Thunder Force, have Taito Dariusseries. Darius however, stand out a little extra among the space shooter games for two reasons: all arcade games use more than one screen, and boss and enemy designs tend to be based on aquatic animals. That its arcade cabinets as a rule belong to the most noisy also does its thing.

DariusHowever, the series is far from an arcade exclusivity. It wants Taito to pay attention, and therefore releases Darius Cozmic Collection in two completely different editions: Arcade Edition and Console Edition. These collections have (in a way) been available in Japan and via import pages since February 2019, but now reach the whole world digitally on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The arcade in the home

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade Edition contains three different games, but in many different versions. Darius, the start of the series which at the time boasts three screens, is reproduced in three different versions with small differences between themselves. sequel Darius II comes in its original version, but its international version Sagaia comes in two variants. Depending on who you ask is Sagaia a game of your own. It is such a difference that makes one uneasy to shrug easily on the shoulders. The last game in the collection is Darius Gaiden.

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade

The entire package is presented in a neat, easy-to-navigate menu. Unfortunately, all that extra content is missing here. A Sound Test mode would be welcome, given how many of these soundtracks are plentiful. What is here is a short presentation about each game, your own saved replay and the manual. However, the manual requires that you know Japanese. For some unfathomable reason, no one has Taito or Inin had in mind that Darius Cozmic Collection maybe going outside Japan. In other words, if you can’t read “lunar runes”, you will be looking at pictures.

However, the arcade package’s biggest shortcoming is that the screen surface will be in the smallest team. The arcade game i DariusAs mentioned, the series is designed to be played in panoramic views on multiple screens (two or three). Since neither PS4 nor Switch can extend the image on multiple screens, or to a 21: 9 screen, players get used to a fairly minimalist experience. The lovely base from the arcade cabinets is at least effectively emulated by the shake function of the control – especially on Switch with its HD rumble.

console package

Darius Cozmiz Collection Console menu

Darius Cozmic Collection Console Edition contains a total of five different games and they all occur in more than one version. Darius II There are a total of three: Mega Drive (Japan), Genesis (USA) and Master System. The latter is so different that it should perhaps be called a game of its own. After all, it’s an 8-bit game among 16-bit games, so to speak. Anyway, it is followed by Darius Twin in two variants: the Japanese original for the Super Famicom and the western Super Nintendo version with the smoother (!) sound. Darius force and its localized version Super Nova follows that. Also these two are from the beginning to Super Famicom / Super Nintendo. The rounds of the list make the PC Engine games Darius Alpha and Darius Plus, which are two variants of the same game.

The presentation is purely visually identical to Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade. One may raise the hat for the very informative texts for each game. Despite their size, they manage to present each game very well. The manual is this time in English (!), But consists of a simple picture with the controls. In this console collection, however, an audio playback mode would have been even more welcome. This is for a simple reason: Darius Twin.

Lots of choices

One may wonder why it is so important that all variants and versions are included in these collections. Given that it is M2 which stands for conversion / porting, the keyword is authenticity. Personally, I find it fascinating. It gives a unique insight into how game releases have, after all, been patched and polished even after release at all times. If you also happen to have grown up with a specific version, you do not have to settle for someone else.

Each game has separate settings for image processing (scrub filter, fluff filter, etc.), volume, ranking (whether your High Score should be uploaded or not) and other little things. In addition, the control is basically fully adjustable as needed. You can even choose whether the turbo function should simulate one, five or twenty button presses per second.