Death Stranding actor announces participation

More than four years after its announcement, information about the highly anticipated Bayonetta 3 is still very scant. Fortunately, a cheerful speech allows us to confirm the presence of a brand new guest.

When working with a certain Hideo Kojima, is it still possible to announce his presence without going through an endless exercise of teasing? The actor Tommie Earl Jenkins fortunately proves us the opposite by announcing without detour his presence in Bayonetta 3:

I’ve been doing a few vocals lately, and this year is going to be a lot of fun with the next games coming up. Here are some of those coming out in 2022: Spellforce 3, Bayonetta 3, Saints Row 5, Diablo Immortal, Scooby Doo and a few more still secret. Stay tuned.

Bayonetta 3, three times more secret

The actor who embodied – among others – the very presidential Die Harman in Death Stranding will therefore be part of the Bayonetta 3 adventure. However, his presence necessarily questions the players who follow very closely the rare news concerning the next beat’em all by PlatinumGames. Indeed, the actress Hellena Taylor recently hinted that she might not resume the role of the delicious witch in Bayonetta 3.

From then on, everything seems possible in terms of renewal of the casting, and one could legitimately wonder if Tommie Earl Jenkins could not lend his stamp to the character of Rodin, the inescapable arms salesman. The page IMDb of the actor offers a priori another version, since he would play the role of Phantasmaraneae, a demon in the form of a spider that the players have already been able to face twice.

The mystery therefore remains unresolved, but we should “soon” find out what it is, since Bayonetta 3 is now officially expected in 2022 on Switch. While waiting for possible portages? It seems that it would be enough to ask …