Death Stranding Director’s Cut infiltrates with new trailer

As long as you have the misfortune to follow them on so-called social networks, you will know how director Hideo Kojima and presenter Geoff Keighley do not miss an opportunity to recall the bond that unites them. After having lifted the veil on a certain Death Stranding Director’s Cut during the very summery Summer Game Fest, the creative glasses wanted to iron a head during the Opening Night Live, directly to us.

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less than a month of its (re) release, the Nordic walking game according to Kojima was certainly not going to miss an opportunity to get a good spotlight again, and it is therefore at the side of its “best friend” in-game that the interested party has come to remove the last doubts that still weighed on this Director’s Cut version … whose nomenclature he does not appreciate.

Never Reedus without three

This long trailer detailing many new features will also have the opportunity to review once again the additions already unveiled before E3. : between cargo guns, cleverly cheated budy bots and other racing circuits dear to our beloved editor-in-chief. Behind the wheel of the game’s cars, you will be able to enjoy the eight new tracks added in this Director’s Cut version, Kojima having chosen to highlight the very subject “Alone“from Biting Elbows.

Those who do not have the courage to set off on the adventure again will still be able to take advantage of the shooting range and its chronometer proofs, which will allow you to compete with delivery people from all over the world via a family leaderboard. But that’s not all, as all-new infiltration missions will allow the monomaniac director to reconnect with one of his old creations, turning Sam into a Strong Serpent that only a spectral whale seems to be able to put out of order. to harm.

Appointment on September 24, 2021 for the exit of Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PS5, the game was also scheduled for PC at a date still unknown to us poor mortals.