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Deathloop is part of the Dishonored universe, devs confirm

Deathloop is part of the Dishonored universe, devs confirm

Arkane Studios, the developer behind the Dishonored games and Deathloop, has now confirmed that both games are connected, and Deathloop shows just one possible future that could happen after the events of Death of the Outsider.

Fan theories, speculations, and timeline-linking have been mentioned on numerous occasions by Deathloop players since its launch on PS5 last year; talking about possible connections between this stealth-based FPS and Arkane Studios’ Dishonored series. Now that the game is out on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and launched into Xbox Game Pass, its new ‘extended’ ending has only fanned the flames of speculation even more. The team, though, has now confirmed that Deathloop does share the same universe as Dishonored.

Official Xbox Podcast Deathloop discussion

The recent episode of the Official Xbox Podcast saw the show’s co-host Jeff Rubenstein speak with Deathloop’s creative director, Dinga Babaka, who confirmed that “yes indeed, we envisioned Deathloop to be happening in the future, after the events of [Dishonored] Death of the Outsider.” Arkane has placed many hints throughout the game, which is why players have been piecing everything together. “There are a lot of clues in the game, actually,” Babaka said. “But there are a lot of small things, and some that were under people’s noses all the time, but people are just figuring out.”

As we’re sure you’re going to check for yourself, one hint can be found on the side of the Heritage Gun, an ammo-swappable shotgun in Deathloop. “On the side, there is a little logo that you can barely see,” Bakaba said. “But now that we’ve added idle breaks where the character plays with his guns, you can actually see that the logo is Dunwall Tower.”

Babaka said that Deathloop wasn’t part of the Dishonored universe initially, which is why it was never advertised as a spin-off, but as the team worked on the game they realised it could fit as a possible future after the events of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider — “As we were making Deathloop, we said hey, that could happen after that.”