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Death’s Door opens the door to life after this – and to everyday life as a sword-wielding poultry.

Death never goes out of style, not least in the gaming world. 2020 gave us Hades and Spirit danger; 2021 we get Death’s Door, where we once again get to walk in the borderland between the beyond and the worlds of the living. Now it’s in the role of a soul – harvesting crow – and the soul that was to be retrieved is stolen right under its beak.

To get out of the predicament, the crow must go through the thief’s affairs and hack his way through a desolate, dangerous world in search of three mammoth replacement souls. Death’s Door is superficially similar to Heart Machine’s fantastic pixel adventure Hyper Light Drifter, and is like that characterized by Zeldagames. The world consists of three main areas that are unlocked in step with new abilities, but it is also packed with secrets to discover after the end of the story.

The game’s world is impressively large and winding, and is flooded with hidden details. Since there is a lot of gathering to deal with, the lack of maps rubs off. Often I stand there with three aisles to choose from and do not remember in which of them I saw the door that requires a key. Then just like the situation and explore it all again.

The crow is armed with a sword, bow and eventually magical abilities. Brutal waves of enemies alternate with areas where you have to activate different parts of the environment to move on. The degree of difficulty in Death’s Door is not as unforgiving, and the precision of the controls is not as good, but similar Hyper Light Drifter Buttonmashing is a sin that is guaranteed to be punished. It is always better to roll out of the way and attack from a long distance than to try to sneak in an extra blow with the sword. The enemies are ruthless and take on such forms immediately. In practice, this means that it is unreasonably risky to use heavier attacks, a feeling that persists even though I put a lot of effort into upgrading my agility.

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What is it?

Isometric action role-playing game where you are a crow. With sword.


Acid Nerve


Devolver Digital


Approximate price

200: –


12 years

Tested on

PC (also for: Xbox)

Also check out

Hyperlight Drifter

Facts: For birds, it is healthy to pray at shrines.