Deep Rock Galactic – an action game about mining in space – is out now on PC and Xbox One

Digging gold in space? Shoot monsters? Heavy beard? Write me down!

From the Swedish publisher Coffee Stain Studios and the Danish game developer Ghost Ship Games coming now Deep Rock Galactic out of early access and onto version 1.0. The collaboration game where you and three other mantles played the roles of gold-digging dwarves in space have sold over a million copies during their two years in early access and formed an engaged collective.

The release of Deep Rock Galactic you are celebrating with two cosmetic DLC packages, Dark Future and Mega Corp..

In the escalation to release, Ghost Ship Games has had a contest in which fans could contribute with custom launch trailers. Fans of have not been on the lazy side and lots of clips have been submitted. You can see the top 40 entries here, and the winner’s contribution from Doomer below.

In the near future you can read our mountain safe review at Deep Rock Galactic, but right now we are busy mining ore.

Deep Rock Galactic features

Deep Rock Galactic is basically an online co-op game for four people, where collaboration is a and o. There are four distinct roles but all dwarves can dig. Get up to unlock upgrades and other nice things, such as thick beards.

This is how Ghost Ship Games describes its game.

  • 1 to 4 player co-op: Work together as a team and dig, explore and battle through massive cave systems filled with hordes of deadly enemies and valuable resources.
  • 4 unique classes: Plow through enemies like Gunner, scout the road and light up the caves like Scout, chew your way through massive rocks like Driller, or back up the team of defensive buildings and the Cannon Tower as Engineer.
  • Full Destruction Environments: Crush everything around you to reach your goal. There is no clear road, so you can complete the mission your own way. But be aware, you do not want to step into a swarm of enemies unprepared!
  • Randomly generated network of caves: Explore a cave system that is randomly created by the computer, filled with enemies to fight and treasures to pick.
  • High-tech gadgets and weapons: Clean up the Hoxxes IV’s cave system with the CSRP firecracker and “Lead Storm”-equipped mini gun: light up the road with signal lights, tackle tough terrain with the enhanced Power Drill and reach new heights with rear hooks.

Deep Rock Galactic is out now on Steam, Xbox One and Microsoft Store for about three hundred dollars. Curious about taking solicitation and chopping stones in space? Read more at or social media like Twitter, Facebook, also YouTube. Everyone is also welcome to Deep Rock Galactic Discord.