Defend the Swedish colors in front of the TV this summer – in collaboration with

It is not only in gaming that you can stand up for Sweden and wear the blue and yellow national team jersey. Even in the world of sports betting, you can also do the same, which hundreds of thousands of us Swedes will do this summer.

The end of spring and the beginning of summer offer lots of exciting TV sports where we all get the chance to cheer on the blue and yellows in wet and dry. May 23 to June 6, the summer secretly starts with the ice hockey World Cup in Latvia.

Sweden, which currently has 11 World Cup gold medals in ice hockey, has, as usual, good opportunities to be able to play home another World Cup dent to the already huge prize cabinet. If you, as a TV supporter, want to raise the tension further, you can always choose one of the safe onesbetting sites with fast registration which gives you everything you need to be able to find a massive and exciting range of games.

European Football Championship and Summer Olympics
The last shot has barely been fired in the ice hockey World Cup before an even bigger championship takes over: the European Football Championship. This summer’s European Championship finals in football are played 11 June-11 July and are expected to be an incredibly open and exciting story.

Sweden, which has been drawn into Group E, will face Spain, Slovakia and Poland in turn, and Sweden has a good chance of advancing from the group stage at first. Despite the fact that the Swedish European Championship squad will not be nailed until 18 May, it is expected to have a stronger offensive edge than ever before, which may also prove to carry far into the tournament.

A hope that many have is that national team captain Janne Andersson really dares to let go of the handbrake and dares to invest in an offensive Swedish line-up.

The Swedish colors then need to be defended for another month or so after the European Football Championship has been played, as it is then time for the world’s biggest sporting event: the Summer Olympics.

The Olympic Games will be held this year in Tokyo July 23-August 8 and many believe that this summer’s Olympic Games can be the best Swedish championship ever in terms of conceivable blue-yellow medal chances. When it comes to medals of the most noble denomination, gold, Sweden also has several strong gold jumps to be able to hope for.

Pole vaulter Armand Duplantis and “Ståhlmannen”, Daniel Ståhl, are two Swedish world stars with great chances of being able to jump and push home the gold medals to Sweden. A strong hope that many have is that we will also be able to include Sarah Sjöström in this eminent crowd.

Sarah, who is currently in a tough rehab period after a fall where she broke her elbow, is making daily progress with her rehab and aims to be able to participate in this summer’s Olympic Games. With a spring and summer that is really smocked with exciting TV sports and hopefully also with lots of blue-yellow successes, it is important to start charging now!