Desperado’s 3 studio is working on a “brand new tactic game”

This summer was released Desperados 3, a real-time, tactical strategy game, focusing on sneaking into the Wild West. Jocke Kilman rewarded the increase with 82 percent in our review, together with the rating “a fun western puzzle for those who would rather use the brain than fast trigger fingers”.

Now the developers have Mimimi Games, which was also behind Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, taken to it own website to tell you that you have started working on a completely new real-time tactical game (code name: S├╝├čkartoffel, “sweet potato” in German), based on a completely new brand with “fresh environment and story”.

In addition, you will release the new game entirely on your own and retain all rights, even if you also receive support from the German state and the “industry professionals” at Kowloon Nights (“Not a publisher!”), Who has previously invested in games such as Spirit dangers, Godfall and The Red Lantern, and forthcoming Scorn and Project Kafka.

We will find out more about the new Mimimi game “in due course”.