Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion is released September 22

On the moon Europe awaits the next great adventure and the darkness we must seize to survive.

Bungie has now announced the next major expansion for Destiny 2 by name Beyond Light. As has been speculated for a long time now, the adventure takes us to the ancient colony on the moon Europe, where technology from the top of humanity is hovering under the ice and a new threat gathers its forces to annihilate us. In order to survive, we need to arm ourselves to the teeth and master the darkness.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be released on September 22 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Embrace the darkness

Not only is Europe waiting for a new loot, but also the answers to the darkness and light that have long been a mystery in Destiny’s universe. With the help of the enigmatic Exo Stranger we gain access to the darkness within us in the form of a new elemental force called Stasis. This force will then break the trinity of Solar, Arc and Void that have been central since 2014 when Destiny 1 came.

The three classes (Titan, Hunter and Warlock) will all use Stasis in different ways with unique Supers. Bungie has not gone into details about the forces at this stage, but from what we have seen it seems that Stasis will be able to slow down opponents in the force field or freeze and crush them.

Given that Stasis is added as a whole new element in Destiny 2 we can also expect a plethora of weapons with Stasis characteristics to rise to the surface, as well as enemies with Stasis shields. Maybe it is too much to ask for, but surely it would be fun with a new combat mechanics coupled with this new element? As we approach the release, we certainly know more about Stasis!

Gameplay trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Bungie.

A frozen gold mine

Ever since Destiny’s inception, Europe has been a distant hide of secrets. Braytech, the mega-corporation that provided humanity with high-tech wonders before the apocalypse once had large research facilities and bases in Europe. There they paved the way for the future of humanity. But as many fans know, Braytech carries many, dark secrets. Among other things, it is in Europe that the plant where synthetic people (Exo) were created, the Deep Stone Crypts as it is called in legends.

During our inner journey to Europe, we will come into contact with a growing threat by the name of Eramis, leader of the Kell of Darkness. These Fallen build an army on the moon and it is up to the players to put a boot in the end on her.

You can read more about it Destiny 2: Beyond Light on its official website. There you can also see the many editions of the expansion.

Guardians have understood that secrets and hidden places carry amazing weapons and Braytech’s frozen moon facilities will be no exception. The raid, which will take place in the legendary Deep Stone Crypts, hopefully houses the most powerful weapons and armor seen in the Destiny 2. Time enough, we know what’s hiding under the ice. Just it’s not yellow snow.

Long future

In the same vein as Bungie advertised Beyong Light they took the opportunity to name the game’s two subsequent expansions. In the fall of 2021 we will take up the fight against the tricky Hive Queen Savathûn in The Witch Queen. In two years, autumn 2022, severe adversities are likely to be expected in the expansion Light Case. Without saying anything about its content, we only understand the names the tones the expansions probably have.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light, The Witch Queen and Lightfall, Bungie.

Savathûn is an opponent who for a long time lurked in the shadows and spread lies in Destiny’s universe. She is one of Oryx’s two sisters and poses an imminent threat to humanity. Although the expansion The Witch Queen bears her title the same way The Taken King bar Oryx, it may very well be that Xivu Arath, the third sibling also takes the stage.

Lightfall, with the clear pyramid ship across the sphere Traveler gives a gloomy feeling. As the name suggests, there is a risk of humanity losing and a second apocalypse flushing the Milky Way. Could this be the expansion leading up to a potential sequel? is Destiny 3 something we can expect in the fall of 2023?

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