Destiny developer saws Youtube’s removal system – M3

Game developer Bungie has filed a lawsuit in Washington state against ten anonymous Youtube users, reports Ars Technica.

Users have used Youtube’s features to report copyright infringement to remove legitimate videos and have pretended to represent Bungie, the company claims.

Youtube is not responding to the lawsuit, but Bungie puts a large part of the blame on the company. The anonymous users have been able to submit a request to have videos removed without having to prove that they really own the copyright to the works performed.

The reports must have been made as revenge for takedowns initiated by Bungie, and the people behind it seem according to emails quoted in the lawsuit to be somewhat confused. In an email to Bungie’s real representative (who has the Google address, a “Damian Reynolds” writes:

– Hope it was worth it to get everyone’s content removed. Now you have Bungie’s full attention. You should weigh up and make a living instead of harassing people behind a screen like a coward. If I were you I would delete my Google account directly because Bungie (and probably Google) will chase you.

So it seems that at least some of the people Bungie has sued have believed that they were avenged on other fake takedowns. The original reports made by Bungie concerned the illegal use of the game music from Destiny 2.