Detailed information about weapons – Cyberpunk 2077

Your toolbox of killer weapons is extensive.

Like any good role-playing game, it is inevitable to kill others. Although Cyberpunk 2077 offers non-lethal force for a no-kill replay, there are so many fun tools at your disposal that it will be hard not to push the shutter button.

Mix the weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 we seem to find six different categories of weapons: cyberware, melee weapons, smart weapons, tech weapons, power weapons and throwable. In addition, there are two categories of weapon supplements. In this trailer we get a quick overview of the different categories, but not directly any information about what their special features are. But Varvat is sitting on some secret details thanks to the latest Night City Wire. And we are happy to share!

Pew, pew, choomba!

Among the firearms, we mainly have tech, power and smart weapons, all of which work a little differently. Here we go a little fast through the archetypes of firearms in Cyberpunk 2077.

Power weapons: These are firearms that are most similar to today’s weapons in reality. With the special difference that the projectiles are so hard that they bounce on solid surfaces, which allows you to angle your firing line around corners or under obstacles.

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Tech weapons: These evils have high-tech mechanisms that, with the help of electromagnetism, throw the projectiles away at such a speed that they can penetrate hard materials. With tech weapons, you will therefore be able to shoot enemies behind protection. Or split them in half.

Smart weapons: The perfect weapons for those who have a fat wallet and can not aim. Smart weapons have projectile systems and sight that guide the bullets to the target, even if you aim at an angle. As long as you have the enemy highlighted in the target search box, associated cybernetics that syncs with the weapon, just hold down the shutter button and lean back.

Smart weapon from Kang Tao in Cyberpunk 2077.
Kang Tao is the industry leader in smart weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red.

Cyber ​​Ware: It is among cyberware that you will find the iconic mantis blades, the sword blades that you can install in your forearms. The assassins’ hidden dagger has nothing on these powerful weapons. In addition to mantis blades, we know of gorilla arms and projectile launch systems. All are developed by Arasaka. Then we have monowire, the glowing whip we saw in last year’s trailer.

Melee weapons: Old-fashioned? But reliable. And nothing signals a message better than a baseball bat with nails. Melee weapons come in a wide variety and qualities. Some even go on to modify with toxic blades, electrical wiring and other fun.

Throwable: This category most likely belongs to grenades of various kinds. So far we have only seen one type of grenade from the player’s perspective, although there is probably a smorgasbord of throwing weapons. At present, we just do not know how large the supply is.

Other approaches

So far, we have only presented the characteristics of the weapon types. However, there are ways to further change and adjust an individual weapon. You do this through attachments and weapon mods. Attachments are accessories you mount on a weapon, such as the sight and silencer. We can probably find flasks and magazines here as well, but that is not confirmed. Attachments change the way a weapon behaves. Weapon mods, on the other hand, are software you install in a weapon that changes a weapon’s statistics, such as damage and accuracy. Mods can also change the damage of a weapon and give the shots special properties such as non-lethal shots.

Then we have hacking. If you invest in the necessary features for a netrunner, you may not have very many points left over for firearms or cyberware. Your most useful weapons will then primarily be offensive malware and hacks. In previous material, we have seen that it is possible to hack opponents in several different ways. You can blow up their heads, lock their weapons and make their cybernetics self-ignite.

In other words, there are plenty of ways to kill others Cyberpunk 2077, and then we have not even mentioned the many different weapon manufacturers. Personally, the wrist cannon appeals to me, but I think it will be very fun to test all possible weapons. One for each emotional state as well.