Developers critical as Microsoft begins to block “anti-Edge” tools

Microsoft has now started blocking Edge Deflector, a third-party app that prevents Windows users from using Edge in the Windows search results, reports The Verge.

The block has so far only appeared in the pre-release version of Windows 11, but according to Microsoft itself, it will apply to all standard users in the coming weeks.

Microsoft has technically not specifically gone after the Edge Deflector but made it so that developers can no longer invoke microsoft-edge protocol links. These are now limited to the Edge only.

“These are not actions taken by a conscious company that cares about its product anymore,” writes Daniel Aleksanderson, developer of Edge Deflector in a blog posts and continues.

“Microsoft is not a good agent for Windows. They prioritize ads, bundleware and service subscriptions instead of their users’ productivity.”

Firefox, which had plans to copy the functionality from Edge Deflector to its browser, also agrees with the criticism in a statement to The Verge.

“Users deserve choices. They should be able to easily choose the standard and their choice of browser should be respected.”

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