Developers promise news in 2022

Many of you probably regret the lack of information on the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy. Rest assured: the Avalanche studio is teasing.

For now, it is better to take your trouble patiently if you wait for Hogwarts Legacy. Indeed, the Avalanche studio and the publisher Warner are, to say the least, stingy with information. No news during the Game Awards 2021 and radio silence on all sides … like a calm before the storm? In any case, this is what one might think.

Soon news for the Potterheads

Early 2022 should be a fairly rich year for the Harry Potter universe, since HBO will broadcast on January 1, 2022, the eagerly awaited episode “Reunion” to celebrate the 20 years of the saga in the cinema. In this context, we can imagine that Warner was not going to sit idly by. The Hogwarts Legacy marketing machine should therefore be up and running shortly.

Happy holidays from the Avalanche team! We are excited to share more information on Hogwarts Legacy next year.

Hogwarts Legacy is long overdue

Next year is obviously a rather vague date, but between the episode broadcast on HBO and the recent rumor of a new trailer coming soon, it still floats like a good smell of butterbeer in the air. The RPG seems particularly awaited by many, and no doubt that Avalanche wants to refine its future announcements as well as possible. Because if there is one license that is scrutinized by many, it is Harry Potter.

For the record, the role-playing game will take place in the 19th century before the events of the original saga and the n should play a student there when entering Hogwarts.