Developers talk about what it’s like to develop games for Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade has been out for about a year and has grown from 60 to 130 titles. Most are very child-friendly, many are much slower in pace than other games and all have interfaces adapted for touch screens, although many can also be played with hand control.

Techradar has interviewed the developers behind three of the latest additions to the service: Game of Thrones Tale of Crows from Devolver Digital (Serious Sam 4, Fall Guys), Next Stop Nowhere and The Last Campfire.

All three have a fairly leisurely pace and are what Techradar calls contemplative. For example, being a Game of Thrones game, Tale of Crows is very calm and bloodless.

Next Stop Nowhere is developed by Night School Studio, which was behind the indie hit Oxenfree from 2016. The graphics and story are completely different, but the game has the same focus on dynamic dialogue.

Both Devolver Digital and Night School Studio say that one thing they did differently for Apple Arcade is to ensure that the player can pause almost at any time, so that the game can be taken in pieces. This is important when many people are playing on their mobile phones and can not spend a couple of hours straight immersed in a game.

The Last Campire comes from Hello Games (No Man’s Sky). The developers talk about how they started with the iOS version to ensure that the touch screen controls sat as cast.

This spring, a report came in that Apple has partly changed the focus of the selection to Apple Arcade and wants more addictive games similar to typical freemium games, but without the buy-in-the-app. The same recipe for attracting and retaining players, but without the large expenses, can perhaps attract especially parents who want to have full control of what they buy for their children and want to avoid lootboxes.

These three games were ordered in 2018 and thus rather show how Apple first envisioned Apple Arcade, writes Techradar.