Digitimes: Apple’s 5g modem gets a separate chip

When Apple in 2019 bought Intel’s 5g development and entered into a multi-year agreement with Qualcomm to provide the company with 5g modems, the obvious conclusion from analysts was that the company wants to develop its own modems but needed to buy time.

Now reports Digitimes that Apple plans to start using its first proprietary modems in 2023 Iphone models, and that 2022 will be the last year when Qualcomm accounts for 100 percent of the 5g modems.

Just like the Qualcomm modems Apple uses today, Digitime’s sources claim that Apple’s own modems will be standalone chips and not be part of future system chips in the A-family. Here, Apple differs from other companies, including Samsung, which has started testing Exynos chips with built-in modems.

Qualcomm’s management, for its part, has informed investors that the company expects to supply only 20 percent of Apple’s modems by 2023. This may mean that all Iphone 15 models will have Apple modems, while Qualcomm is responsible for the modems in the older models that are still being manufactured.

Digitimes has over the years had many false rumors, but is generally more accurate with just things related to components and manufacturing and not functions or design.