Director’s Cut to Borderlands 3 delayed

Not entirely unexpectedly, the weather has been a bit… odd, in recent years. Among various meteorological aversions, the turn has come to a real snowstorm in Texas. Like the combination of Stockholm and 5 mm of snow, it has been difficult to handle the unpredictable weather. That it looks like Chill Penguin Och Shiva lived robbers do not make things better. This has obviously affected the people of Texas, including the developers behind it Borderlands 3.

“Due to the extreme weather that has hit Texas over the past month, Director’s Cut will be released on April 8.

Thankfully, all of our team members and their families are safe, with their health intact, but our work at Director’s Cut was inevitably interrupted and we have finally decided to move the release forward to provide the best possible experience. We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to you playing Director’s Cut when it’s released next month. ”

~ Gearbox