DIRT Social Media Nuked for EA Sports Rally Account

EA Sports Rally 1

DIRT could very well be on the chopping block, as EA Sports has quietly renamed the series’ social media accounts. The Twitter handle @DIRTGame has been abandoned and replaced by a new one: EA Sports Rallyor @EASportsRally. For those of you who haven’t been following the news, Electronic Arts acquired DIRT developer Codemasters last year for a deal valued at around $1.2 billion.

In October, the team behind DIRT 5 claimed that it was working on its “biggest and most ambitious game in over a decade”. Now, chatty industry watcher Tom Henderson has published an article about computer, in which he states that this project is the World Rally Championship. It appears that DIRT Rally 3 has been scrapped and turned into an officially licensed WRC title.

EA Sports Rally 2

That makes sense, as Codemasters licensed the WRC in 2020, with its first effort planned for 2023. Considering how successful the F1 franchise has been over the years, it’s not hard to imagine the WRC follow a similar path, especially now that it’s under EA’s watch. sports umbrella However, is this a move that is revving your engine? Spin in the comments section below.