Disappointed with Bungie’s first steps after sunset

Ever since Bungie announced that they would start driving away old weapons by putting a best-before date on everything, so-called sunsetting, I have been behind the decision. With the argument that they could free up manpower to develop new, exciting weapons, instead of constantly having to maintain and balance the established arsenal – and to counteract the influence of power creep in the game design.

But I’m starting to regret the position.

Two weeks ago – yes I’m late for porridge – Bungie announced that several expired weapons would become relevant again. No, I’m not talking about the favorites from Destiny 1 that were also announced. I’m referring to the eight weapons from Dreaming City and Moon. Waking Vigil, Sleepless, Vouchsafe and Retold Tale, as well as Premonition (from Pit of Heresy only), Heretic, Blasphemer and Apostate. The same weapon that was released on November 10, 2020 in accordance with Bungie’s sunset.

You know what that means? More tiring gate to get back the same weapon you already spent months getting! Pure madness!

In addition, the armor from each destination will be updated with a new best-before date. Armor with sunsetting is another problem in itself that will hopefully disappear when transmogrification occurs Destiny 2.

Sunsetting sees its first reintroduction with Reverie Dawn and Dreambane armor.
Loot reintroduced in Destiny 2.

What this means in practice is that we get the opportunity to hunt for new versions of old weapons that we just had! Some of us may have run Pit of Heresy 30 times to get a capable role on Premonition, which was decapitated in sunset in November. Bungie tried to smooth over this blunder by giving the reissued weapons new potential properties.

I’m so angry and disappointed that I do not know how to formulate myself.

This is not how I imagined sunsetting would work! Bungie would design brand new weapons, with new names, stats and properties. Not mechanically bake new features into old weapons we already had good versions of.

If this is the path Bungie intends to take, I do not know what role it plays to hunt good loot when it will still be missed and then reintroduced a couple of months later. Why should I spend my precious time wearing the same content over and over again for a weapon that has a best before date and is replaced by the same weapon with a new end date?

I have no desire to return to the Pit of Heresy in hopes of getting a “new” Premonition. I would have liked new archetypes in the same theme. Maybe a sister gun to Loud Lullaby that has 180 RPM, or an aggressive sniper. Bungie had the opportunity to create something new – I could have waited an extra season if required – as long as I do not get the same weapon I already had to say hello to!