Disco Elysium remembers its Switch release date

His test completed on PC, and the cheek still red from the slap received, the question arose: “is it coming out on Switch, Disco Elysium?”. Yes, and you have less than a month to prepare.

Finally, owners of the most portable home console in the universe know when they can experience one of the greatest role-playing games ever. Disco Elysium The Final Cut will be available on Nintendo Switch on October 12th. Offers on the eShop at a price of 39.99 euros, ZA / UM’s RPG, this oh-so-awaited port has even its own portal to the modern Internet. A welcoming place, although a little alcoholic, it seems, where some reminders are made.

Memory failing?

First thing to know: this reissue available on PC and consoles since last March brings a whole bunch of new features to the original experience: a revised interface, new political ideals, an adjustment of the text size and, above all, for the ambiance, full English dubbing. You will always have more freedom to explore La Martinaise, the tortured district of Revachol, an uchronic city where there are plenty of beautiful ones. And of the less beautiful, since you go all the same, in the skin of an inspector too old to remember anything, to try to follow a long trail to find the culprit of a terrible murder.

Disco Elysium The Final Cut Collector’s Edition

Then, and this is very important if you are a serious fan and are lucky enough to be lucky or have saved enough: iam8bit still offers a Collector’s Edition for pre-order. For 249.99 euros you will be entitled to:

  • A premium “Layers of the Id” box
  • A hand painted “Mind Totem” vinyl sculpture
  • A hardcover artbook of over 190 pages with unpublished artworks and stories
  • Illustrated Fabric Map of the Martinaise District
  • Physical edition of Disco Elysium with reversible cover, in a stylish case

Finally, if you like to show off your passion with fashionable clothes and accessories, this page is waiting for you. Sure, you will be chic.