Disney + continues to grow and faster than expected

Disney has really succeeded with their streaming service and so well that they reached a goal three years too early.

Disney + now has over 95 million subscribers, which is clearly impressive considering that the service was first launched in 2019 but then in some selected countries.

It took until 2020 before significantly more countries, including Sweden, got to take part in the service and that was really when it really took off. This is a goal they reached three earlier than expected, the goal was to reach 90 million subscribers before the end of 2024.

But this is probably not the end for Disney + considering that they will add everything that Star has to offer at the end of February and this can clearly increase the number of subscribers, the price tag is still low at only 89 kroner.

Will be interesting and see how long it takes before Disney + catches up with Netflix with over 200 million subscribers.