Displaymate: Iphone 12 Pro Max has the best mobile screen ever

Raymond Soneira on Displaymate has tested the screen in the new Iphone 12 Pro Max, and it gets the highest rating on all fronts and the overall rating “best mobile screen”. It is not the only mobile with that overall rating, but it also sets new records for several measured values ​​and touches others.

In the following categories, the Iphone 12 Pro is close to previous records, and everyone in this class shares first place because it is impossible for human eyes to tell if there is actually a difference between the different screens:

  • Absolute color accuracy.
  • Contrast.
  • Changes in color accuracy and intensity based on image content.
  • Changes in contrast and intensity based on image content.
  • Changes in brightness based on image content.
  • Resolution.

And in the following categories, the phone sets new records:

  • Brightness on the entire screen.
  • Contrast ratio for the entire screen in normal daylight.
  • Contrast ratio.
  • Reflection.
  • Change in brightness with oblique viewing angle.

Displaymate emphasizes several times that it is physically impossible to see the difference between the iPhone’s 458 pixels per inch and even higher resolutions. “For mobile phones, it is completely pointless to increase the resolution further.”