Do yourself a favor and play the demo for Tales of Arise

Try Bandai Namco’s next big role-playing game.

September 10 is released Tales of Arise for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and for PC digitally. But before you run and pick up your wallet, I recommend you download the game demo! In it you can try out the basic features of the game and get a small taste of the story. You get to explore a piece of cake by Elde Menancia, a beautiful and lush place from the previous half of the game. Demon also lets you test all the characters in battle, try out their attacks and how they sync with each other. In addition, you get a little insight into cooking and character interactions.

Overall, the demonstration is a clue as to what we can expect from the game. I can also recommend looking at our own preview from earlier this summer. Let me be completely honest Tales of Arise one of the more interesting role-playing games this fall and something all fans of Japanese role-playing games should take a closer look at.

Therefore, test the demo and form an opinion of the product. Unfortunately, it is currently only available on consoles, so PC players are absent this time. Then you will not be able to transfer any data to the full game. However, you unlock the ability to download a Hootle Vacation Doll if you manage the demon – but exactly what the item does is unclear.