Does Apple work on a Mac Pro Mini?

Mac Pro

Apple is busy with its ARM processor and maybe it can even lead to us seeing a new and smaller Mac Pro soon.

Apple Silicon which is their own processors will be something we will see a lot of in the future and now there has been talk of a new Mac Pro that will be a bit of a Mini variant, the information has Bloomberg come over that will confirm some of the plans that Apple has with its ARM processor.

The design language should still be the same but it should be about half as big as today’s Mac Pro. However, the performance should still impress, which is perhaps not entirely unexpected, but no secret exactly that Apple will slowly but surely phase out Intel processors.

As usual, this is not an Apple comment or even will comment on the day it actually applies. But we should probably not expect this to happen in the near future, we will probably have to aim more for 2021 at the earliest, but maybe even 2022.