Donkey Kong: an animated film is reportedly in the works

At a time when we are moved that Chris Pratt is the new voice of Garfield, one of his colleagues on the film Mario could well have his hour of glory.

According to GiantFreakinRobot, after the animated film Super Mario Bros. Scheduled for 2022, it will be Donkey Kong’s turn to try to break into the cinema. A feature film starring the tie monkey is already in development at Illumination. As a reminder, the studio founded by Chris Meledandri is the one behind the adaptation of the adventures of the mustached plumber. And the character of Donkey Kong, who is present there, sees himself embodied by Seth Rogen. We had learned about it when the prestigious cast was announced. The fetish actor of Judd Appatow should come back, quite naturally, for this solo adventure.

Donkey Kong, what’s next?

We will not fail to take these affirmations with the tweezers of rigor. While reminding us that, the leaks and rumors, Nintendo does not like it too much. American comedian and animator Adam conover at the beginning of the year affirmed that the Zelda series revealed by the Wall Street Journal in 2015 had been canceled following this unwanted leak.

Donkey kong

Either way, the idea seems quite plausible. For several years now, the Kyoto firm has sought to reach other media with its most famous licenses. Like mobile games or the Super Nintendo World, cinema is one of the territories to be explored and the gorilla who had his show for children on France 2 in the 90s is not unpopular. Besides, it will have its own extension to the amusement park. And a voice like Seth Rogen’s carries. We will be curious, if there is formalization, to know who could well camp Diddy, Dixie, Funky, King K. Rool and especially CRANKY KONG.