DOOM Eternal in 8K Ray Tracing Ultra, how many FPS with an RTX 3090? Our in-house gameplay

Ray tracing and DLSS have arrived in DOOM Eternal, so it’s time to see how the (brilliant) game engine performs in extreme condition in this new graphics configuration that brings better management of reflections and light.

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First of all, it is important to point out that it is currently impossible to capture 8K over 30 frames per second on a PC, so the fluidity of the video above does not correspond to reality. Having said that, let’s continue!

As a great philosopher who never existed said: “A high resolution is useless without a high number of frames per second.It is for this reason (in addition to reduced latency) that it is always more comfortable for the human eye to favor fluidity to the detriment of high resolution.

Good resolution

Which brings us the question of the day: How is DOOM Eternal doing in 8K with all graphics settings to the maximum thanks to DLSS (in quality mode) on an RTX 3090?

Well the answer is above, at the top right of the video, very small because of the 8K, so small and not very readable that I will have to give you the answer on a set: 53 fps average.

The verdict is therefore positive, it is possible to play DOOM Eternal in 8K with Ray Tracing in high graphic quality while keeping an acceptable fluidity around 50fps, and even 60fps by lowering some unnecessarily greedy parameters. Thanks WHO ? Thanks DLSS.

PC / TV configuration:

  • Processor : i9 9900K
  • Graphic card : RTX 3090 ROG STRIX O24G GAMING
  • TV : Samsung QE65Q800T 8K 2020