Dotemu changes discs!

Building on the success of its first modern conversion, Windjammers is now available in a second episode that is increasingly desired. Development has had to cope with a delay which will only reinforce expectations. How to revisit a great classic without denaturing it? This is the question that Dotemu must answer with a preamble to this playable Bta.

Repulsed in order to redesign its netcode and offer an effective online experience, Windjammers 2 returns to the board to catch up. It was indeed better to take the time to correct the many lag issues that made it unplayable.

Because Windjammers 2 is above all Versus Frisbee Fighting (do not seek I have just registered the mark VFF). If the local games that I was able to perform with the developers at Gamescom were satisfactory, this was not the case with the netcode, which quickly revealed weaknesses.

Special blows ignite the disc

Ping pong

The arrival of ping measurement (the reactivity of the response of your connection to summarize) attests to the concern for rigor on this side. On the fifty part disputes on PC, PS4 and PS5 the occasion of this Bta, I was entitled a single rollback. We can therefore say thatonce the game is started it goes well. Fortunately, because it goes quickly and you have to be extremely focused to anticipate the trajectories of the Frisbee.

In contrast matchmaking still needs to progress. It happens quite regularly that it grinds for a while without anything happening. A restart of the game is then necessary in order to be able to find an opponent again. It is essential, since only the online mode is proposed in this bta. note that this problem was only encountered on the Playstation version and not on the PC (the connection of the two is very similar).

We can bet that the goal of this Bta is precisely to test this code in order to make sure that it is perfect for the official release of the final version.

The width-to-length ratio of the courts is now changing

Wider, longer, deeper

What is especially interesting with this Bta is thatit is now possible to fully appreciate the depth of the gameplay that Windjammers 2 can propose. Four characters (G Scott, L Biaggi, S Miller, S Delys) and four courts (Beach, Rooftop, Ring, Stadium) can be surveyed.

In addition to the traditional balance between speed (of movement) and power (of throwing the Frisbee), each participant has their specific attacks and even modifications of the marking zones. Thus, a character can have his weakest zone in the center (where 5 points will be collected), while his opponent will mainly have the sides protected for the same reasons. These changes can affect the choice you make for your athlete. Some are useful for attacking hard on the sides and others for preferring the center.

All now influenced by the terrain which do not only bring a cosmetic variety to the action. on the beach, on the roof of a building, a ring or a stadium, the length / width ratio is modified and disturbing elements can be found in the middle. Once again this can influence the choice of your competitor. Narrow and a little longer ground? Why not prioritize power to the detriment of travel … Everyone will undoubtedly give their answer.

Mega blows visually snap

Maximum voltage

The ingredients are more subtle, more numerous, so the dish is full of flavor. Windjammers 2 is one of those games where the tension rises with each change, where joy succeeds nervousness, where concentration must be maintained at its maximum. The games are limited in time (a classic in versus) and it is rare to arrive at the end of the stopwatch. Fortunately, because when this is the case, we get out of it then.

conversely, a lack of attention, of rhythm, leads you directly to defeat. The matches are played in 15 points and it is therefore enough to tap three times in the maximum scoring zone to claim victory. With a very wide range of strokes, the possibility of making feints, deadlines, to return the frisbee directly without holding it for a single second, to jump to spike (or not), for the moment the matches are linked but not not at all alike. Windjammers 2 could even be promised a bright future in eSports if the sauce takes properly.

If this Bta serves as a debugger for the netcode, it is also an appetizer that whets the appetite and increases impatience. Anyway, you can quickly make up your own mind by downloading this beta until August 22. If that is the case, do not hesitate to go through your internet browser via the PlayStation network. The game is not yet easy to find on the store directly on consoles …

Delaying the release of a game is not a trivial decision. But putting out a bad game, or flanking the major criticisms of one of the supposedly strong arguments (the versus) would be even worse. We can salute the effort made here and in view of its tactical strengths, bet on games that are endiable and full of emotions. Windjammers was already a very fun game, this second opus promises to magnify all its principles. See you before the end of this year on PC, PS4 / PS5, Switch and Stadia.