Double up with Cotton on Friday

When Varvat reviewed Cotton Reboot! Earlier this year, there was some hope that the series will return with more. It does so now, and with notice. On Friday, October 29, two new old titles will be released: Panorama Cotton and Cotton 100%.

Panorama Cotton is a SEGA Mega Drive game from 1994. It was developed by Success and was released SunSoft (yup, ITS SunSoft). This marks the first time the game is coming out of Japan. This is also good news for speculators, given the outrageous sums the Mega Drive cassette can go for. As a bonus, you also avoid the risk of buying a pirated copy.

Cotton 100% is a Super Nintendo game from the same year and the same developer. It was also released nine years later on PlayStation (a really late release in the console’s life cycle).