Dragon Age director Mike Laidlaw has founded a new studio

Already in the fall of 2017 left Dragon Agedirector Mike Laidlaw Bioware, before joining Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Odysseystudio in Quebec, Canada, just over a year later. However, he did not stay long in his new workplace when he moved on already in February this year. And now he has founded a new studio!

Yellow Brick Games is based in Quebec, and on it newly launched website we can read that it intends to deliver “focused, high-quality titles, which prioritize the player experience”. At his side, Mike Laidlaw also has Frederic St-Laurent B., Thomas Giroux and Jeff Skalski, with collective experience from Ubisoft, Bioware, Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard. Yellow Brick Games has a total of 15 employees, and Frederic St-Laurent B. will act as game director for the studio’s first title, the same role he previously filled at Ubisoft Quebec.

The website also lists the Yellow Brick Games’ three pillars “emergent” (interactive worlds simulated with rich systems), “inriguing” (beautiful worlds that challenge the mind and inspire the imagination) and “worth watching” (engaging experiences for both players and viewers). In other words, Mike Laidlaw does not seem to intend to develop new, heavy role-playing games, but more system-driven experiences where the players themselves are responsible for the storytelling.