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Dreadlands is more inviting and charming than terrifying, even though it’s a bloody post-apocalypse.

I’m in a hurry. Everyone except the leader of my gang is on the floor, and the two remaining, undamaged enemies approach the tree where I stand and push. I summon three bombed-out rats rushing at the first best enemy. They are unreliable, but potentially deadly. And this time I’m lucky. The rats blow one of the enemies to pieces, and my home-made firearm makes the process short with the other.

Dreadlands is a Swedish-produced, turn-based strategy role-playing game that takes place in the same universe as Crater. The Swedish influences are not as clear this time, and the predecessor was an action role-playing game, but otherwise the games have a lot in common. Both are charming, and paint a pretty own post-apocalypse. But both are also quite uneven in terms of gameplay, and do not really reach the full potential of the concept.

This time you get to choose between three different gangs, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Scrappers are an easy-to-play fit option that is okay in both melee and firefighting, Tribe-kin is a bloodthirsty variant of nature-loving hippies, and Skarbacks is some kind of cyborg that can withstand more beatings than the other gangs.

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What is it?

A strategy role-playing game in the same universe as Crater.


Blackfox Studios





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Intel Core i5 7600k

GTX 1070


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