DualSense supports Linux

The controller of Playstation 5 Dualsense quickly became a big favorite with many and now Sony confirms that the controller works in Linux.

Sony has been quick to provide support for several different platforms when it comes to Dualsense, it was not long after the launch of PS5 until Dualsense worked with Steam.

If you are sitting on a Linux jar, you probably also want to be able to take advantage of this hand control, which will be possible according to Sony. With the help of new software, it is thus possible to use Dualsense either via USB cable or via bluetooth. The haptic functions will not work, however, but otherwise it works just like a normal hand control.

Right now, the lines of code that make it possible are being reviewed and will very soon be approved and released. However, if you already want to test Dualsense on Linux, you can download this patch.