E-commerce is a real environmental culprit

It is probably no secret that e-commerce has grown and continues to grow, but that it has such a large impact on the environment has probably not been thought of.

More and more Swedes are choosing to shop as much as they can online, but one should not think that this benefits the environment in any way, on the contrary. E-commerce has increased by over 40 percent during the pandemic, which comes as no surprise, but it also means that more goods are returned and lead to more transport.

Researchers who keep track of e-commerce says that between 30-40 percent of everything you buy online is returned, if you compare this with the physical store, only 1-2 percent is returned. The fact that so much is returned via e-commerce results in emissions from more transports leading to a major environmental culprit in the end.

But in addition to more transport, more packaging is also required, which in turn increases waste management and ultimately more on the environment. Everything affects in one way or another but at the same time you understand that e-commerce has increased during the pandemic but I think at the same time that this will continue for a while so we can hope to find more smart solutions that do not affect the environment too much .