Early version of Windows 10X has leaked

An early version of Windows 10X (version 20279) has been leaked. Unlike previous versions of the operating system, which were made for a dual-screen mobile device, this version is clearly made for computers with a single screen.

The latest version can only be run through Microsoft’s virtual machine, Hyper-V, which means that it is difficult to estimate how fast the operating system is. Otherwise, there are many indications that Windows 10X may become the new Windows 10 in S Mode, ie Microsoft’s more performance-friendly version of Windows 10. It reports our sister site PCWorld, which managed to get the new version up and running.

When the leaked version starts, the user is asked to log in with a Microsoft account. Then comes the question of whether to use Windows 10X for the home or business. The operating system then tells you what data it wants to collect and allows you to set the privacy settings.

Then the user comes to the main user interface which is simple and stripped down with a pull-out “box” containing the various apps. Not quite different from what a Chromebook looks like, for example.

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The apps include Settings, calculators, to-do lists, news, weather, photos and more. In the leaked version, Edge is the default browser and there is no app for Onedrive. The apps on Windows 10X seem to be limited to what can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store. The existing apps can be run in either full or half screen but not in quarter screen as on Windows 10.

Currently, Windows 10X is expected to be released pre-installed on budget computers aimed at students and businesses.

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