Eight compost grinders that fix your waste

Detachable funnel


This grinder from Bosch is equipped with an ultra-fast turbine, which in turn means that you can feed on compost material at a fast pace. Whether it is soft material or hard wood. It can also collect 53 liters of finely divided compost material and is also equipped with a removable funnel.

Costs from SEK 4,490 on Prisjakt.se

Quiet compost mill


Stiga does more than analog hockey games and other sports stuff. For example, compost mills such as Bio Silent, a machine that turns garden waste into nutrient-rich soil for your garden land. The machine is quiet and holds 60 liters in its collector.

Costs SEK 2,921 at Buildor

Crush easily


Al-kos Easy Crush makes it easy to crush coarse waste up to 42 mm in diameter. Has space for 48 liters of waste in the collector and is equipped with extra large wheels. The latter makes it extra stable and easy to transport.

Costs SEK 2,595 at Proshop

No exhaust fumes


A mains-powered mill with great power! Eats branches up to 45 mm in thickness without problems and holds a full 67 liters in the stomach (or the collector, if we are to be careful). But best of all – no exhaust fumes when it’s done with the meal!

Costs SEK 2,499 at Proshop

Robust construction in metal


No, we’m not talking about Iron Man here. On the other hand, about Ryobi’s compost grinder, a silent gadget with self-retracting roller and grinder mechanism. Also has a reverse function for the times the branches get stuck on the way into the machine. And once you are done with today’s “harvest”, you can easily divide the machine for easier storage.

Costs from SEK 3,295 on Prisjakt.se

Grinds everything to chips


Hecht’s compost grinder uses a roller instead of a knife grinder, and is thus much quieter. The waste itself is ground down to chips which are excellent for composting with.

Costs SEK 1,895 at Buildor

Compost with path (h) l


No, it’s not a traffic cone you’re looking at. Rather, Stihl’s handsome compost grinder, whose main feature is a so-called sandwich-like knife system that can process most branches without problems. If it sounds awful, however, we can calm you down, the machine is also equipped with a safety system that prevents the grinder from being switched on unintentionally, for example when you need to change the knives.

Costs from SEK 3,890 on Prisjakt.se

A quiet wolf


The quiet compost grinder from Wolf Garten crushes all the material you feed it to mash. Like other roller mills, it is really quiet and can also be driven backwards, if any branch happens to get stuck on the way down. The handle is equipped with a switch, for increased safety.

Costs SEK 2,995 at the Garden Store