Eight cool and alternative input methods

Control everything with your eyes

Tobii Eye Tracker

What previously only sounded like a vision of the future is now a reality. Eye Tracker 5 from Swedish Tobii is exactly what it sounds like, namely a gadget that lets you control games with the naked eye. Control the driver’s gaze in real time instead of using the joystick, highlighting the enemy with just your gaze, or sharing your eye movements as you stream games.

Costs SEK 2,289 at Dustin Home

All in one control for the TV box


Smart TV boxes like Shield TV and the like have many advantages over sitting in front of the computer, but one of these is unfortunately not the input itself. One problem is that you will need a certain number of free USB ports for keyboard, mouse and gamepad. Or you get this hybrid control, which in addition to power crosses and small keys is also equipped with a touchpad for navigation.

Costs SEK 125 at Amazon.se

Everyone has the right to play

Adaptive Controller

Regular hand controls, or mouse and keyboard for that matter, do not suit everyone. Then we are talking especially about people who for various reasons are disabled, and thus can not use the input methods completely optimally. Fortunately, there is a cure for that, through the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It can best be described as a hybrid between keyboard and hand control, and also acts as a hub for other inputs. Xbox and PC users can then connect everything from buttons, pedals and joysticks to headsets and one-handed controls.

Costs SEK 899 at the Microsoft Store

When ergonomics are most important of all


Do you work in front of the computer for days on end? Then you may have been faced with various problems related to the location of the mouse? Regardless, an ergonomic alternative is always preferable, such as this “mousetrapper” keyboard with built-in mouse pad. Make your everyday work more comfortable, or control your computer directly from the couch via bluetooth.

Costs SEK 3,363 at Proshop

Split keyboard

Split keyboard

No, it is not a broken keyboard, but just a so-called split keyboard with cool lighting. Gain more control over the ergonomics, or put it together for those occasions when you lack the “regular” layout. As an added bonus, you can reprogram the lighting as you wish.

Costs SEK 2,836 at Amazon.se

Hybrid keyboards for serious gamers

Razer Tartarus

Tired of the regular keyboards and want to try something new? Razers Tartarus Pro may be the answer to the question no one asked, namely whether we really need 32 programmable buttons for our gaming needs. Regardless of the answer, we can not ignore that it at least seems to have taken inspiration from the usual game controls, by offering an analog lever for the control. Maybe something for you who are in transition between game console and PC gaming?

Costs SEK 1,367 at Proshop

The monster hybrid


If you thought the previous keyboard was odd, now comes something that is perhaps even more odd. This claw-like, and somewhat monstrous, hybrid possesses a number of adjustable functions and buttons. These can be completely adapted to your own hand and your fingers, and are also equipped with a cushion that makes playing more comfortable. A certain learning curve is also included in the purchase.

Costs 150 euros (approximately 1,630 kronor) at Azeron.eu

Give new life to an old classic


Remember the Nintendo Wii? The classic game console became one of the best-selling, precisely because of its simple fan controls and favorable price. There is a good chance that you, or someone close to you, have a pair of “Wiimotes” in a closet or storage room. What many do not know is that they use bluetooth to communicate with the Wii device. Therefore, they can also be paired with your PC for different purposes. Maybe to flip through pages in a Powerpoint presentation?

Costs SEK 290 at Cdon