Elden Pixels releases Alwa’s Collection – and an NES version of the original

Recently we were met by the news that Alwa’s Awakening and the sequel Alwa’s Legacy comes in physical edition, called Alwa’s Collection. The edition comes to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and will cost around SEK 300. At the same time, a limited digital / physical edition was also announced with the games, soundtracks and some extra content delivered on a specially made USB stick.

In addition to these goodies, it is released Alwa’s Awakening, the first game, on Nintendo 8-bit. It is Retro-Bit which stands for marketing, and the edition they got together is a mammoth love letter to physical games.

So there are three editions that have been announced: Alwa’s Collection (PS4 / Switch), Alwa’s Awakening The 8-Bit DigiCal Edition (USB-ROM) as well Alwa’s Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition (NES). The former is exclusive to Limited Run Games, while the others can be pre-booked several Swedish retailers (scroll down the linked page for list).