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Elden Ring gameplay tomorrow! – Varvat

Elden Ring gameplay tomorrow!  – Varvat

15 minutes of gameplay tomorrow at 15:00.

Completely without warning smuggled Bandai Namco a planned stream on Youtube for Elden Ring tomorrow. At 15:00 Swedish time on Thursday 4 November, the publisher of the long-awaited souls game will send about 15 minutes of gameplay. As the thirsty fan I am, this discovery made me completely giggle. Elden Ring is one of the games I look forward to the most so I gratefully accept all the eye candy of the game I can get.

You can watch the stream on Bandai Namco Europe’s Youtube channel – if you do not choose to watch it here.

It is likely that this is the same video presentation that the press saw last summer to report on game mechanics and other impressions. So curb your expectations as we will most likely not see any new areas or features other than what was previously shown in trailers.

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