Elden Ring has finally got a release date!

It has been quiet for a long time regarding the Fire Ring, but now so! Now we have a new trailer but not only that, we have also got a release date.

We can more or less say that E3 2021 is up and running, everything is done digitally and first out was the Summer Games Fest which held its event yesterday.

Many interesting titles but the game that I think extremely many are waiting for and want to both see and hear more about is Elden Ring. The event ended with the Elden Ring trailer that really gets the urge to increase further, From Software that develops the game looks to deliver once again.

What we know about Elden Ring at the moment is, among other things, that the game will have support for up to four players and this in co-op, if we get any PVP is currently unclear.

But not only with a trailer, we were surprised with a release date at the end of the trailer, so Elden Ring is released January 21, 2022 and then comes to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.