Elite Dangerous: Odyssey lingers on console

Elite Dangerous’ major expansion Odyssey has not had a painless launch and this affects, among other things, the launch to console.

If you play Elite Dangerous on console, you are probably waiting for the latest expansion Odyssey, which has only been released on PC, but now the developers come with really sad news.

David Braben, who is the founder of Frontiers, now tells in a post on the official forum that they put a lot of focus on getting the PC version of Odyssey in order, which in turn means that the console version has been affected and will currently be postponed indefinitely.

Frontiers is currently putting all their energy into getting the PC version in order before they go on console, which may not sound completely stupid, it’s better to get one version in order before hoping for another.

In the coming months, Elite Dangerous will get a lot of bug fixes but also new content and some new features, very new and as it looks now an excellent opportunity to play Elite Dangerous on PC.