Epic continues to give away games next year, Jurassic World Evolution is free now

The Epic Store’s fifteenth free game in fifteen days is here, and you can therefore pick up Frontier’s dinosaur park builders Jurassic World Evolution (review) right now. And until next week, it has turned out, as the regular, weekly roller coaster continues next year, with new regular free games.

Epic Games has confirmed that Alt Shift’s strategic roguelite title Crying Suns replaces Jurassic World Evolution on the free menu next week’s Thursday, at 17:00 Swedish time. Whether this means that we will continue to receive new free games every week throughout 2021, we do not know, but it undeniably seems so, which suggests that the store has not yet grown large enough, and still needs to attract new customers in droves.

Here is the launch trailer for Jurassic World Evolution from the summer of 2018.