Epic Games asks court to make Fortnite available on the App Store

The gaming company Epic Games has submitted a so-called preliminary injunction in which they ask the court in the USA to make their game Fortnite available again on Apple’s App Store and that Epic Games also gets back access to its developer account.

Last week, Apple closed Epic Games’ developer account and removed Fornite due to Epic Games deliberately violating the App Store regulations by offering direct payments to the company that ignores the fees in the App Store.

Epic Games says they did this as a way to protest Apple’s charges. They have also sued Apple, accusing the company of having a monopoly.

Macrumours reports that Epic Games writes in its new injunction that they chose to challenge Apple because “it was the right thing to do” and that “it was better positioned than many other companies”.

Epic also writes that they will probably suffer irreparable financial damage if Fortnite is not allowed to return to the App Store. Already now they say that the number of active iOS players has decreased by 60 percent.

Apple has previously said that Fortnite is welcome back as long as Epic Games removes the direct payment feature. Something that Epic Games has refused.

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